We should be able to communicate directly with our Board of Directors and especially our regional representatives. Our representatives need to be closer to the people and direct contact reminds them of who they serve and who entrusted them with their responsibilities in the first place. We need to have more transparent stakeholder participation.

Please communicate this with the NAD too that you agree you want to access your representatives directly.

I Sent This Following Message to the NAD via their Online Contact Form:

I demand that the contact information for our Board of Directors be made public. We deserve to be able to communicate directly with our Board of Directors. Our communications with the Board and our representatives should not be meditated through this medium (online contact form). I do not have faith that my messages are reaching my representatives on the Board. Given the lack of Transparency thus far, I do not have the confidence in Ms. Scoggins or individuals to meditate my communications with the Board. I am issuing a Call for Transparency and insisting that you make contact information available.



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  1. Anoymous said:

    The state associations (SA) have the information- you can ask your SA for this information.

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