The letter about Scoggins’ removal was done for one purpose: to illustrate a number of points about where power and responsibility lies in responding to the deaf community’s concerns that have been expressed thus far. Scoggins’ removal is not my primary consideration. Rather, my primary consideration is the removal of Governor Daugaard as a speaker and most important for the NAD to begin to act in ways that is truly inclusive by taking ownership. I am now composing a post that reflects this position in further detail but I am posting now because while I wanted to ignite an important discussion, I wish for our energies to remain focused on our original objective which is true inclusion and adherence to principles that stand for ALL people.


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  1. Octavian

    Thank I for all u r doing

    The NAD needs to stand back and SIMPY assess what is the right, just , and good thing to do here.

    They need to stop thinking politicking and return to their roots. If they continue with do-nothingness they will loose their base and a floodgate of questions will emerge. Chief amongst them will be WHY doesnt the NAD withdraw it’s invitation to Daugaard. Hmmmmm q

    When they choose politicking over the people we all loose

    Obama could have easily ignored or spun and detracted about race when running for his first term but instead he met it head on

    Obama could have wiggled and diminished and avoid about GLBT rights before this election but instead he STOOD for truth and LOVE and did the right thing

    NAD – be an organization of integrity or be a player that gets played. The choice is your and all eyes be on ye now

    Tavian keep standing. I stand w u for truth and justice. If that convention is gonna have any credibility Daugaard’s gotta go


  2. Miss woodham said:


    Yes, you explained Obama perfectly. He is the person we describe as a good leader. There is no such thing as perfect leader.

    NAD did not have that kind of leader for a long time. I just hope that we will vote for a good leader this time.

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