To contact DWU- e-mail President Alana Beal at dwupresident (at) gmail (dot) com Feel free to use this as a template for your letter to DWU and to other women’s organizations.

Dear Ms. Beal,

As a feminist and advocate for gender equality, I am very disappointed the National Association of the Deaf has invited Governor Dennis Daugaard to the 2012 NAD Conference to give a plenary presentation on civil, human, and linguistic rights.
Governor Daugaard has a legislative record that interferes upon a woman’s sovereignty over her own body by allowing the government to legislate reproductive rights. The American feminist movement fought a long struggle, beginning in the 1910s with Margaret Sanger, pioneer of the reproductive rights movement, who subsequently fled to Europe to avoid imprisonment for promoting birth control and reached its apex with the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. The NAD has had a history of marginalizing women within its own ranks beginning with its formation in 1880. For example, deaf women were not allowed full voting rights in the NAD until 1964 although federal suffrage had been granted 44 years earlier in 1920 to American women.
As an affiliate of the National Association of the Deaf, I call upon you to assert the equal place of women in the NAD. I urge your organization to insist that anti-women legislators with a record of limiting women’s human rights not be given a platform to speak on human and civil rights. For further information on the issues raised about Governor Daugaard please feel free to contact me or visit
Thank you,
Tavian Robinson
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